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You've heard me say this on the radio - NOT ONE of my clients lost ANY of his/her money when the stock market went down in 2008 - 2009...  watch the videos linked above to learn how these products protected my clients' life savings...
Welcome to - a  virtual appointment with Rick Dennis and a place to begin learning about Fixed Index Annuities.  

When people retire, they want guarantees - they want a guaranteed lifetime income and they don't want to risk losing any of their money in the stock market.  Below is a list of the 3 things every Fixed Index Annuity will do - as you review this list and compare it to what you're wanting when you retire, you'll see why people are moving their life savings out of the stock market and are literally insuring their nest eggs with a Fixed Index Annuity - nothing in the stock market can provide the guarantees of a Fixed Index Annuity:
  • A contractually guaranteed lifetime income - your own private pension
  • A guarantee against ANY loss of your savings from stock market volatility
  • "Lock in" gains when market goes higher never lose those gains when market goes back down

To get started, watch the videos linked below - each video is about 5 min long and each one provides answers to commonly-asked questions. 

Start with Movie #1 - "How Safe Is My Money In A Retirement Insurance Contract" - pay particular attention when the video is discussing the "legal reserve" nature of life insurance companies...

I'm counting on you to write down your questions as you watch these videos - then, just give me a call or send an email - I'll be happy to answer all your questions...

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